The future of clinical trials will be shaped by many factors, from evolving innovation to a stronger focus on patient-centricity.  However the COVID-19 outbreak has driven the desire for more resilient clinical trials and accelerated the demand for decentralised trials and technology solutions to realise this transformation.  Meanwhile, the deployment of remote clinical monitoring is proving its value in helping to keep trials going at a time when site management is particularly challenging.

Naturally, change attracts scepticism and takes time. The challenge of transforming drug development in ways that are innovative, responsible, and patient-centric is a major one. What’s the best way to do it?

Splitting the discussion

  • Clinical trial management – speed, safety, cost, conduct and the move to remote study management – clinical monitoring and digital solutions
    • Trial design – innovation, AI powered data analytics
    • Regulatory framework – enabling change or barrier to progress?
    • Stakeholder engagement – patients, investigators regulators

Potential talking points

  • Are there challenges around a mass shift to remote study management and off-site monitoring?
  • How are data collection, safety reporting and tracking processes evolving?
  • What can be done to manage the risks and consequences of trials being suspended and re-started?
  • How are clinical trial regulations and protocols evolving to accommodate new business processes and technology solutions?
  • How will changes affect accessing patient populations?
  • How can direct patient support services be improved?

Running order (EST subject to change)

10:45 Access opens                                                                                       

11:00 Opening remarks from FT chair

11:05 ICON Research update (or we could launch straight into an extended discussion)  

11:20 Panel discussion

12:00 Q&A

12:10 End