Speaker: Debbie Gilmore

VP, Strategic Alliance Management, ICON

When culture and strategy sit down to breakfast: Exploring outsourcing models through a partnership lens

Tuesday, February 7 - 2:45 PM

Speaker: Susan Campbell

Director, Patient Recruitment Solutions, ICON

Ensuring enrollment success via a holistic, end-to-end approach

Wednesday, February 8 - 05:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Each patient and study have unique challenges and opportunities that require a customised end-to-end approach. Patient needs and perspectives must be the foundation of any successful strategy, and an in-depth understanding is required to effectively communicate with patients, reduce study burden and meet patients where they are. This session will explore using a holistic approach and collaboration for a highly targeted, strategic recruitment campaign, proactively addressing patient and study needs and increasing enrolment.

Speaker: Adam Halbridge, MBA

Head of Clinical Trial Tokenisation, ICON plc

Clinical Trial Tokenisation – understanding the fundamentals for success

Thursday, February 9 - 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Clinical Trial Tokenisation (CTT) has the potential to drive new data modalities that will determine clinical trial outcomes and provide insight into product lifecycle management and asset valuation in the marketplace. The ability to tokenize patients in clinical trials and leverage data from multiple data sources, gives sponsors and payers an expanded view of patients treated with an investigational product. It will also deliver valuable insights into long-term safety and effectiveness that can support regulatory and reimbursement discussions as a drug moves towards commercialization. So, what do you need to know when considering a Clinical Trial Tokenisation solution?

Speaker: Ann Pongracz

VP Business Development, ICON Strategic Solutions

Redefining CRO sourcing model terminology to optimise outsourcing strategies

Thursday, February 9 - 12:45 PM - 13:15 PM

Historical terms such as ‘Full Service’ or ‘FSP’ struggle to adequately reflect the reality of industry sourcing trends. With a variety of delivery models now commonplace and some significant variances in definitions, ICON, in partnership with Tufts CSDD and a consortium of Pharmaceutical partners have established a new taxonomy for categorizing industry sourcing models. This session will address, the evolution of sourcing model definitions and the process of aligning the industry to a new outsourcing model taxonomy. Additionally, the session will include early insights from ICON’s Partner of Choice (POC) outsourcing model survey.

Panel discussion:

Approaches and best practices for assessing CRO performance

Panel moderator: Yusuf Ghadiali, Executive Director & Head, Clinical Trial Business Operations, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Wednesday, February 8 - 9:45 AM

With many companies in some form of CRO outsourcing model, including FSP arrangements, it is increasingly important to have effective performance measures that help assess the overall relationship and performance not only at an individual study level but also at a portfolio level. This panel will discuss what approaches have worked well, and what haven’t worked well including incentive models (bonus, earn-backs, etc.)


  • Keith Dorricott, Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement Ltd.
  • Randy Krauss, Executive Director, Metrics, Analytics, & Performance, Merck
  • Dennis Salotti, Senior Director & Head, Strategic Outsourcing & Clinical Innovation, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Debbie Gilmore, VP, Strategic Alliance Management, ICON

Managing the downstream impact of world events in Clinical Trials from a clinical sourcing and operations perspective

Wednesday, February 8 - 12:15 PM

Panel moderator: Scott Sawicki, MA, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management, ADC Therapeutics

In this panel, we will discuss short- vs. long-term impacts of world events, including COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine (e.g. supply chain, patient recruitment/retention, patient care, inflation, resources, etc.). We'll explore lessons learned from dealing with these challenges, how big and small pharma can adapt in financially uncertain times, and strategies for pivoting resources and the impact on timelines and budgets​.


  • Daniella Ajib, Senior Director, Development Business Operations, Vendor Outsourcing, Gilead Global
  • Hansu Dong, Executive Director, Clinical Outsourcing & Business Operations, Clinical Operations, Novavax
  • Rene Stephens, MSHS, Independent Consultant
  • Mary Frances Sassaman, Vice President, Delivery, ICON