Real World Evidence Generation

Cross Sectional Studies and Medical Chart Reviews

Real world data (RWD) can drive improved drug development decision-making by complementing data that is collected from traditional randomised controlled trials. 

RWD and real world evidence (RWE) are inextricably linked to epidemiology. A cross-sectional study (CSS), which includes surveys and prevalence studies, is the mainstay study design for surveying large populations to quantify the incidence and prevalence of health conditions, and/or population attributes.  Combining the CCS design with a medical chart review (MCR) design can be a more efficient design to quickly gather pertinent epidemiological data to support drug development across the lifecycle. 

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Learn how a hybrid CSS / MCR approach to study design can be advantageous for generating real world evidence. Get insights on the issues you need to consider to ensure that your study is planned to produce robust scientific data that can be extrapolated beyond the study population.