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Cell and Gene Therapies

Insights on delivering cell and gene clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas based on lessons learned and best practices

Evolving oncologic development in the decades ahead

The promise and complexity of living therapies

As development of cell and gene therapies (CGT) accelerates, so will the demand for best practices, and better tools and solutions. For advanced therapies, the product and patient journey is entirely different from traditional trials. As such, biotech and pharma companies will need to overcome challenges and complexities from regulatory pathways and patient recruitment to logistics and manufacturing. Adopting strategic partnerships with deep CGT expertise with a broad spectrum of solutions and services is vital to the success of a development programme.

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Enabling clinical development of Cell and Gene Therapies on a global basis

Enabling clinical development of Cell and Gene Therapies on a global basis

ICON's CGT team share insights on best practices, custom resources and innovative tools for enabling clinical development of cell and gene therapies on a global basis in this BioInsights podcast (40 mins).

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Cell and Gene Therapy blogs and media contributions

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Cell and Gene Therapies at ICON

ICON’s Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Solution was designed to expedite every aspect of a cell therapy clinical trial and address specific needs of CGT product development. The CGT Leadership Team leads your trials with innovative technologies and standardised tools for CGT trial execution, management of high data volumes, and extensive team and site training. Read more about ICON's services.


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