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Outsourced Pharmacovigilance Affiliate Solution

Flexible, scalable and dynamic

Why outsourcing pharmacovigilance makes sense at an affiliate level

Factors such as globalisation of regulations, more demanding commercial strategies, and increasing complexity of the pharmacovigilance systems has resulted in dramatic changes in  the role of the local affiliate office and there is a risk that local pharmacovigilance activities are being overlooked.  The changes have increased the burden of affiliate managers to try to maintain the necessary oversight and relationships with the affiliates resulting in poor pharmacovigilance compliance. This article explores the benefits in adopting an outsourced model for pharmacovigilance that is centrally managed and geographically dispersed, ensuring efficient and compliant delivery whilst retaining the effectiveness of a local presence.


Read about the current challenges associated with managing local affiliate pharmacovigilance activities and potential ways to overcome these.

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