Leveraging Medidata’s Rave Platform to deliver benefits for sponsors, radiologists, investigators and patients in Imaging Services

Meeting growing demand with scalable technology

Sponsors are increasingly turning to image-based biomarkers to assess the effectiveness of therapies – particularly in oncology.  The Medidata platform scales the way ICON captures, manages, analyses, and delivers imaging data and has enabled our experts to increase and improve the medical imaging services we offer.
Using this technology has enabled ICON to reduce cycle times, maintain high quality standards, and give sponsors more visibility into imaging results. Medidata’s configurable solution includes features such as study driven visit requirements, blinding, and automatic de-identification allowing studies to meet privacy requirements.

  • 4 - 6

    Set up in 4-6 weeks
  • 24

    Percent fewer image queries
  • 66

    Percent decrease in image preparation time

Integrated imaging and EDC systems

ICON led the industry by being the first CRO accredited and enabled to use the Rave Imaging cloud-based solution. As ICON also uses Medidata as a supplier of Rave EDC, clients can reap the benefits of a more integrated EDC and imaging solution. The first integrated Medidata imaging study was up and running within 28 days, and the solution is now successfully deployed across dozens of studies.

Streamlined processes, accelerated timelines, and greater visibility

Leveraging Medidata’s Rave Imaging technology is helping us support clients objectives by saving time at site and ultimately in the drug development cycle.

  • Reduced time from charter to “go live” by 86 percent 
    ​We can now set up a new imaging study in just four to six weeks, which quadruples our capacity and accelerates sponsor’s timelines. In particular, this makes it easy for us to quickly convert exploratory studies that begin as “collect and hold” projects to studies that pursue submission to regulatory authorities.
  • Reduced image queries by 24 percent
    Rave Imaging uses automated edit checks to help ensure that the right image is uploaded the first time.
  • Reduced image preparation time by 66 percent
    Images are now ready to be read within on business day of receipt.
  • Shaved two minutes off of every baseline read
    Radiologists, among the most expensive resources in imaging trials, can operate much more efficiently.
  • Streamlined the reconciliation process
    When Rave Imaging is integrated with Rave EDC, the cumbersome process of reconciling image records at the close of a study is all but eliminated.
  • Providing sponsors with unprecedented visibility
    Sponsors have the ability to monitor queries and view images in near real time, and have endpoint data integrated directly back into the Rave EDC database.
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