ICON provides a full range of laboratory services that are dedicated exclusively to clinical development

At ICON Central Laboratories every aspect of our service is guided by our commitment to:

  • Listen to our clients needs and respond with custom, innovative services
  • Deliver accurate test results and data
  • Meet project timetables
  • Readily respond to client and investigator questions and concerns
  • Deliver competitive, cost effective central laboratory services

We realise that our ability to deliver this level of service is highly dependent upon quality communication regarding study expectations, progress and outcomes. And while every department in our company plays a vital role in your study as it progresses, we strive to make study coordination and communication as straightforward and efficient as possible. 

In addition to encouraging daily communication and feedback from our clients and investigators about the quality of our services, every year ICON Central Laboratories conducts a comprehensive Site Satisfaction Survey, as well as a rolling Client Survey to gauge satisfaction and design process improvement based on direct client feedback.

Case Study

The challenge

One of the industry's largest pharmaceutical companies contacted ICON Central Laboratories after the central laboratory with whom they had originally contracted failed to meet the service levels needed for a 5000 subject Hepatitis C trial. With one sixth of the subjects already enrolled, our Project Management staff knew that special attention would need to be given to ensure a smooth transition.

The solution

Working closely with the study sponsor to establish special internal procedures to support investigator sites and protect the integrity of the laboratory database, we were able to meet every challenge associated with the "rescue" of this important clinical trial.

As a result, ICON Central Laboratories had earned the trust of this valuable client and serves as the laboratory of choice for numerous follow-up studies in their clinical development program.