Optimise your early phase data for an accelerated understanding of your drug’s profile

Early phase data visualisation helps you to turn a time-intensive, manual process into a more rapid and intuitive one. With easy-to-understand visuals, you can quickly answer key study questions in order to make critical safety decisions.

Get rapid insights with data visualisation graphs, including:

  • Lab, Vital Sign, ECG outlier plots
  • Lab, Vital Sign and ECG trends
  • Adverse events by SOC, severity and cohort
  • Comprehensive, graphical Patient profiles

Key benefits

From clinical pharmacology studies to early phase patient trials, ICON’s innovative data visualisation capabilities and analytic services can support your early phase clinical development program:

  • Gain efficiency and thoroughness of TFL reviews
  • Produce higher quality data
  • Make faster dose-escalation or stopping decisions
  • Reduce turn-around time for critical safety decisions
  • More quickly identify potential safety signals and trends
  • Focus on the most important, data and quickly identify data that requires more investigation or other action
  • Identify and eliminate data errors and  reducing the risk of database unlocks thereby preventing extended timelines and cost overruns

Ultimately, data visualisation helps you rapidly review and interpret early phase data, enabling you to successfully accelerate your clinical development program.