Our approach is characterised by effective working methods, scientific focus, critical thinking, and effective communication with our audience

ICON’s Epidemiology practice provides a comprehensive range of stand-alone services as part of a complete package of integrated services with our health economics, patient reported outcomes (PRO) and late-phase operations teams.

Our senior management team is supported by a well-established team in Europe and North America, and by other epidemiological expertise based around the world. We take pride in our scientific and advisory capability and we have a strong reputation and publication record for evidence synthesis, observational research and modelling studies in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. Where appropriate we seek to increase the credibility of our work through peer-reviewed publication.

Our epidemiologic services offering includes:

  • Strategic consulting and trial design
  • Burden of illness
  • Relative drug efficacy
  • Real-world effectiveness and utilisation patterns 
  • Risk-benefit modeling 
  • Infectious disease research (including transmission modeling)