Extensive experience

With over 20 years of experience in the IRT industry, our team brings diverse and extensive knowledge to ensure the design and management of clinical trials are successful. Our expertise ensures a rapid user requirements process and a high quality build. 

Rapid and flexible study builds

ICON's FLEX ADVANTAGE platform is a configurable and fully customisable system with the flexibility to support both simple and custom builds.  Study builds can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks.

Fully integrated solutions

FLEX ADVANTAGE can also be integrated with any clinical trial system. Uni-directional and bi-directional integrated solutions provide the ability to seamlessly access clinical data from various sources, enabling you to make the best decisions quickly.

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    Studies implemented worldwide
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    Therapeutic areas
  • 50,000+

    Managed sites
  • 25M+

    Patient transactions
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    Supported languages
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New version of FLEX ADVANTAGE  now available

New version of FLEX ADVANTAGE now available

In December 2021 ICON released a newly enhanced FLEX ADVANTAGE IRT platform. New features include: increased configurability options, study build times in as little as four weeks and enhanced self-serve options to simplify the site user experience.


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Expertise in clinical trials

Expertise in clinical trials

ICON’s IRT services are under-pinned by a team of vastly experienced operational and technical professionals specially qualified in the design, development, and management of IRT solutions for randomisation and trial supply management. A dedicated project management team will be assigned to support you through the life of the study. They will provide the best solution to meet the study protocol objectives and ensure a successful outcome.  

Our global ICON Help Desk is available around the clock, 365 days a year and is staffed by ICON employees who undergo study specific training on all IRT protocols. 

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Randomisation & Adaptive trial design

Randomisation & Adaptive trial design

ICON’s IRT solutions include the design, development, validation, and management of Phase I-IV clinical trials

Vast experience in complex IRT trial design enables us to adapt to your specific protocol requirements.  Our solutions can incorporate key aspects of your clinical trial including randomisation, complex patient dosing, regulatory, safety unblinding and clinical supplies inventory management.

FLEX ADVANTAGE provides real-time web reports to enable rapid analysis and decision making.

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Integrated data solutions

Integrated data solutions

FLEX ADVANTAGE simplifies workflows and data. Uni-directional and bi-directional integrated solutions provide the ability to seamlessly access clinical data from various sources enabling the user to make the best decisions quickly. 

It can be integrated with any clinical trial system and a wide range of technologies including medical imaging, external EDC, CTMS, ePRO and laboratory systems, as well as ICON’s FIRECREST and ICONIK platforms, thereby providing complete visibility of your clinical data.  

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