ICOMaster is ICON’s electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) system. It offers clients secured access to files hosted on the platform. ICOMaster follows the TMF Reference Model, the industry standard file structure for TMF content.

ICOMaster is integrated with several internal applications to ensure smooth execution of services, from scanning, indexing, and archiving to quality monitoring and use of predictive analysis to determine documentation requirements.

Key features of ICOMaster include:

  • The ability for sponsors and trial teams to search and access documents 24/7 on a cloud-based secure technology
  • Unique trial set-up process that predicts the documents needed for a trial
  • Quality-controlled documentation before finalisation
  • A dedicated team of SMEs and a TMF Lead to monitor the performance of the platform
  • Ongoing reviews to ensure completeness of documentation and compliance to study milestones
  • Real-time measurement of completeness, timeliness and quality against ICON standards

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