Central hub for education and automation solutions

The FIRECREST Study Portal is a single sign-on portal that enables centralised role based user management across studies, connecting site and study staff.  Built to work the way investigators do, it improves site performance and scales to manage a few studies to your entire portfolio. 

Benefits include:

  • Customisation: Increase your brand profile with sites by customising your portal with your logo and your company messaging and mission
  • Easy to access: Access to all study portals with a single user name and password
  • Role-based management: Control solution access and portal functionality according to the users role
  • Secure: Integrates with your existing technologies to create a secure, compliant environment
  • Scalable: Versatile enough to host single studies to an enterprise-wide portfolio of studies
  • Communication platform: Acts as a central communication platfrom for distributing study information to sites

Learning Management System

In the CenterWatch survey 2017, site staff showed a keen preference in using technology for more efficient and informative training and a recent site survey involving over 3,000 participants showed that 93% indicated that learning on demand was preferable. The FIRECREST study portal offers a powerful learning management system that can be used to record and track all training for a study.

It is inspection ready so you can track and report all study training from one location. It also allows you to support all training for the study, including:


To login to the FIRECREST Site Portal or to contact FIRECREST Customer Support use the below links: