eConsent has the potential to transform the conventional consent approach by making the process easier and improving transparency

eConsent is truly patient centric and improves the patients experience right from the start.  Your eConsent solution needs to address both elements of ICH GCP, patient understanding and documentation of written consent.

eConsent delivers a comprehensive solution that reduces burden for the site and patient.


Enhancing the Patient Experience for More Informed Decisions

eConsent Viewer gives the patient access to engaging, interactive, multimedia content using educational techniques that are developed based on research from Carnegie Mellon University. It explains critical and sometimes complex terms to support optimal understanding of the study and commitments. This enables the patient to make more informed decisions.  

eConsent Viewer also features a mark-up option for the patient to prepare for discussions and to seek clarification on specific topics with their clinician. With better awareness of the requirements in advance, the patient is likely to be more engaged and to stay enrolled on the trial.  

Increased Transparency and Compliance

eConsent Signature was developed based on sponsor feedback and regulatory requirements. It captures signatures on a range of devices including ipads and smartphone screens. Smart form technology ensures that the patient signs the correct version and that the form is fully completed, correctly dated and accessible for remote viewing by study monitors. 

Consent records are stored in a secure environment with tools for version-controlled document storage, deployment, publishing, approval and monitoring.This enables full transparency on progress and compliance across your studies.  

eConsent Signature is designed to be compatible with sites existing infrastructure enabling sites to deploy the solution quickly and efficiently. 


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