Education and automation for increased efficiency

Tackling the challenges of site engagement in evolving environment of COVID-19

Unsurprisingly we have already seen the impact of COVID-19 in the cancellation of investigator meetings and it is likely that clinical monitoring practice will be adapted to meet health and governmental guidance. So how do you adapt when these habitual training delivery sources are no longer available?

FIRECREST digital solutions provide you with the tools and support to move your training on line - whether it is the training that you would usually deliver in group meetings or the training that CRAs provide on site.   

Making it easier for the patient, site and study staff

The FIRECREST Site Portal, which is fully customisable to your study, provides single sign-on to a range of education and automation solutions. Connectivity to site and study staff will lead to increased engagement and improved study performance.

A flexible enterprise reporting solution offers actionable operational intelligence and management insights on demand, focused on driving value and giving the study team a greater opportunity to detect emerging issues as they happen.



Pre-Screen - Supporting identification of potentially eligible patients for screening and transparency into process
TrialDrive - eDocument distribution, management and tracking 
Financial Disclosure
Safety Letters
Site Question Management
eConsent  Signature - Capturing biometric signatures

Rapid Deployment

Staged deployment means that you can have a study portal up and running in 2 weeks with full deployment of FIRECREST solutions from as little as 6 weeks from kick off meeting.

Faster Patient Enrollment and Fewer Protocol Deviations

Our clients are already seeing the benefits of FIRECREST, including an increase in enterprise training compliance, reduction in protocol deviations and costs associated with training and document management.

In a recent study conducted by Fletcher Spaght Inc., comparing trials with and without FIRECREST, our FIRECREST trials demonstrated 40% fewer protocol deviations per subject visit on average, and were twice as fast to first patient screened and to randomise patients.

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how you can improve your study timelines and compliance.

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